Podcast Episode 32 Animal Geeks – Tyrannosaurus and Laramedia

This week we head back 100 million years to Laramedia and post-mortem a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Harri gets worried about getting home in time for dinner and before 75% of the extant life forms disappeared at the K-T extinction event.



Podcast Episode 31 Animal Geeks – The Bering Land Bridge

   We dust off our time machine to head back 10000 years to visit Beringia.  Harri gets a bit freaked out at the thought of Smilodon (Saber-toothed tiger) attack.  We discuss the migration of humans to modern day North and South America, Australia and Japan.  Xanthe contemplates getting stuck in Beringia and the kind of Hunger Games-esque bow skills that would be required.

Smilodon - Saber-toothed tiger

Smilodon – Saber-toothed tiger


Podcast Episode 30 Animal Geeks – Bugs

This week we indulge in a bit of Q & A about bugs. Somehow we also mention rhinos, body farms, savannahs, edible insects and maggots. Stories via Steve Backshall,  Stuff You Should Know Podcast and Entomologist Alex Wild’s www.myrmecos.net

Harri recommends the Body Farm episode of Stuff You Should Know for some gross fun




Podcast Episode 29 Animal Geeks – Giant Clams and Cooktown

  Our first podcast from Cooktown.  This week we bring you an interview with Dr Rick Braley of http://aquasearch.net.au when we visited his aquarium on Magnetic Island.  Dr Braley is a world renowned expert on Giant Clams.  We discuss these massive bivalves, their biology and their future.  http://www.djulinmarine.com/pages/about%20us.htm


Podcast Episode 28 Animal Geeks – Why did my pet die?

    The team have been listening to Josh and Chuck at Stuff You Should Know’s “Grief” Podcast. We look at Pet death, the age you can expect your pet to live to, and some pet longevity records.  Dedicated to “Vader” the Animal Geeks rat, may he rest in peace

Harri Duncan Snake


ABC’s Rebecca Levingston onboard Rockhopper

We called into Cairns last week for important things like diesel, water and sushi.  ABC’s Evenings host Rebecca Levingston was in town and we invited her onboard the boat for breakfast.  Xanthe gave her a tour of the boat and we had a chat about life with five people on a fifteen meter yacht.  I think we have almost convinced Rebecca to charter a yacht in the Whitsunday Islands for her next holiday. Failing that we have left her a standing invitation to come up to Cooktown for a sail!



Our last Anchorage on the horizon

Our last Anchorage on the horizon


Landfall in Cooktown

Hi to all our listeners,

We have made it!  Six weeks at sea, and 1400 kilometres as the crow flys.

We have done some recording, video and podcasts as we have gone. The 3G coverage has been very haphazard and we haven’t managed to publish whilst on the move.  So we will get editing ASAP and back to our regular weekly schedule. We ran into some fantastic marine biologists at Lady Musgrave, and a world
expert in giant clams on Magnetic Island so we have some great stuff to share.


Our last Anchorage on the horizon

Our last Anchorage on the horizon, Hope Islands, 20 miles South of Cooktown